How It Started

With over 25 years of teaching experience, Dania Manna, the founder of Punditin is a firm believer that educators should invest more time in preparing efficient lesson plans and less time grading.

Over the years, it seemed as though teachers’ workloads were only increasing each academic year. Grading students’ work during working hours was difficult that teachers frequently took papers home to grade later. Most teachers are overworked and burnt out a few months in the academic year and spend any free time grading papers rather than planning effective lesson plans.

As an educator with a keen interest in engaging students through interactive learning, discovering strategies to keep learners focused throughout online lessons, Dania realized that subscribing to multiple platforms to teach online is not only inconvenient but also costly. Something had to change to find a way to establish a work-life balance, and that is when the idea came to mind: to develop an interactive auto-grading platform that would be an all-in-one solution to allow teachers to focus their time on engaging students rather than grading.


There are no limits by using Punditin’s auto-grading platform - workflow and class management have never been simpler. Teachers can create class worksheets, real-time assessments, and track student progress. Using our automated platform and online builder frees up time for your teachers to do what they do best: educate!


To provide educators with a one-stop interactive go-to platform that includes everything a teacher needs to teach effectively.


An interactive auto-grading platform that allows teachers to spend less time grading, give feedback, collaborate using interactive tools, effectively assess students, and provide parents with continual reporting on their child's development.