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Punditin lms and exam portal

Punditin provides educators with a comprehensive suite of classroom management tools, seamlessly integrated into one user-friendly platform. This innovative solution eliminates the common hassle of navigating through multiple platforms, allowing teachers to focus more on teaching and less on administrative tasks.

By offering an all-in-one approach to digital education, Punditin facilitates a wide range of activities, from lesson planning and assignment distribution to tracking student progress and fostering interactive learning environments. Ideal for both in-person and remote learning scenarios, Punditin is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience through technology. It stands as the perfect choice for schools looking to adopt a more efficient and unified approach to classroom management and student engagement.

Interactive Worksheets

With Punditin, transform your PDFs, JPGs, and PNG files into interactive, auto-graded online worksheets that seamlessly auto-sync with our built-in gradebook. You can then assign these interactive activities to your students for a diverse range of applications, from daily classwork to in-depth assessments and engaging homework.

Embrace Punditin's innovative split-screen feature to enhance reading comprehension and facilitate real-time writing exercises. This efficient process not only simplifies your workload but also enriches the learning experience, making education more interactive and enjoyable for students.

Digital worksheets


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Punditin stands out with its suite of e-learning tools and classroom management features, including an advanced Auto-Grading System with a built-in gradebook, the creation of self-learning lessons, and Al-powered lesson plans with free monthly credits. auto-graded interactive worksheets.

Experience the advantages of real-time writing with rubric integration and instant feedback, split-screen Functionality for reading and writing, listening practice exercises, and detailed reports. Enhance parental involvement with our parental portal, streamline attendance tracking with online attendance tracking that can be downloaded for an individual student or the entire class, and customizable seating charts. Additionally, students can join without the need to register or use their emails, simplifying the process. Punditin supports Right-to-Left (RTL) languages, accommodating a diverse range of educational needs. auto-graded interactive worksheets.

Jump into a world of collaboration and inspiration with Punditin's Teachers' Social Network! It's the perfect place to connect with educators from around the globe. Here, you can share your latest blog posts, join engaging groups, spark conversations in forums, and exchange innovative ideas. Whether you're seeking new insights from experienced educators or just want to chat about your day in the classroom, this welcoming community is all about mutual support and enhancing our teaching experiences together.

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Auto-Grading System Auto-Sync Gradebook

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Real-time Writing
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Parental Portal

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Instant Feedback

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Auto-grading System

An automatic grading system for quizzes, assessments and assignments that seamlessly synchronizes with the integrated gradebook.

Auto-synched Gradebook

Grades automatically sync with gradebooks, which can also be downloaded, eliminating manual data entry, minimizing errors, and guaranteeing consistently up-to-date grades


The split screen functionality for reading and writing tasks significantly boosts productivity and learning efficiency, while also helping students maintain focus by eliminating the need to toggle between windows.

Online Attendance

The online attendance tool allows teachers to effortlessly track student attendance and download records for specified dates, either for individual students or the entire class. Additionally, both students and parents can conveniently access these records through their portal.

Real-time Writing

In just one click, unlock the power of real-time writing, allowing you to effortlessly monitor and boost your students' progress. While students are actively writing, provide them with instant, personalized feedback and guidance whenever it's needed!

Seating Charts

Efficiently organize your classrooms by choosing from pre-uploaded seating charts or uploading a custom one. Assigning designated seats to students allows teachers to better manage classroom dynamics, behavior, and the overall learning environment.

Parental Portal

Parents can track their child's academic progress through direct access to essential information, including grades, attendance records, and the status of assignments.

Teachers’ Social Network

Become a member of our teacher's social network to exchange resources, pursue professional growth, connect with fellow educators, engage in meaningful discussions, and develop your teaching portfolio.

Course Creation / Self-Learning

Course Creation

Course creation and Self-learning

Punditin's unlimited free course creation allows you to develop captivating online self-learning courses, offering the flexibility to keep them private or share them with fellow educators in the course library for editing and reuse. Leverage Al tools to effortlessly craft engaging course descriptions. Boost accessibility with our multilingual text-to-speech technology, ideal for enhancing course and lesson narrations.

Include interactive quizzes, multimedia content, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and Excel files to engage learners more effectively.

Course Types

Shared or Private courses

Private Courses

Courses can be set to private and can be shared with selected classes or students.

Shared Course Library

Free courses that are not set as private will be included in the course library, available for sharing among educators

AI-powered tools

Auto-generate course descriptions. Text-to-Speech - supports a wide array of languages. Convert PDF content into audio, plus adding custom text.


Utilize our interactive elements to upload and assign quizzes into your course.


Course gradebook allows tracking learners progress and to reset quiz.


A wide range of video and resource file formats supported.

DownloadS & Notifications

Enable resource downloads and get notifications upon quiz submissions.

AI-Powered Lesson Plans

Punditin's AI-powered lesson plan generators Plano and QuickPlan enable teachers to easily develop customizable lesson plans in 10 different languages.

The lesson plans can be aligned with common state standards and offer the flexibility to be edited, saved, downloaded, and reused whenever needed.

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Punditin online quizzes and assessments

Elevate Your School's Success with Punditin: The Ultimate Education Management Solution!

Punditin introduces a scalable, customizable, and white-labeled Learning Management System (LMS) tailored for the specific needs of schools. By integrating an advanced exam portal into this comprehensive platform, Punditin simplifies processes for educators, teachers, and administrators, contributing to improved academic performance among students. This seamless, unified, and centralized solution ensures efficient workflow management and enhances the learning experience.

Punditin ensures an adaptable and personalized learning environment that can be branded to your school's identity, making it a preferred choice for modernizing education management and student learning experiences.


Request a demo and discover the features that make Punditin the leading choice for institutions.

Experience the advantages of our comprehensive white-label unified interactive LMS and online examination platform.

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